When I set out to find an organization to work with I had very high standards. I wanted
too make sure I found an organization that
was just as passionate about mental illnesses/mental health issues as I am.

It was VERY important to me to
be able to send youth somewhere that they
didn’t get caught off guard, after being
so brave reaching out for help, by stressing
out about being billed for services.

YES! doesn’t turn ANYONE away no matter
their inability to pay! This means they’re
an organization that actually cares about helping our youth instead of making money
off them. This is what won me over
and helped me make my decision to 100%
support Youth Eastside Services.

Earlier this year I went and
sat down with David Downing CEO of YES!
Youth Eastside Services. We talked in Depth about the critical work they do at YES!
with our youth and their families. Check
out the interview on YouTube:


I work very closely with the amazing people at YES! Being able to support such an amazing organization that goes above and beyond for the young people in our community is an honor. We need as many organizations as possible that are willing to go to battle for mental health help for not just youth, but all ages. Youth Eastside Services (YES) is the leading behavioral health services provider for children and youth, ages birth to 22, and their families in East King County. They provide evidence-based mental health counseling, substance use and co-occurring disorders counseling and treatment, early childhood behavioral health services, psychiatric services, and education and prevention programs. They help children and youth with depression, grief, trauma, cultural, gender, and sexual orientation, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, self-harming, and other challenges.

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