I do apologize that this page is incomplete at the moment. It will be completely finished very soon.

Music and mental health. Something
that’s not being combined. Something that’s
a very important, unique, and beautiful combination.

My journey started at the end of
2019. I decided I wanted to work with local
bands/artists from the Seattle area and
have a benefit show.

Throughout my journey I’ve been blessed
to work with, become friends with, and see
a different side of local bands/artists.
Hearing the stories behind the lyrics
to their songs and being on a side of the
music I never imagined I’d be on has been
truly an experience I’ll cherish for
the rest of my life.

Music is a powerful impact on all our
lives. I’m honored to be working with
every single one of these bands/artists.
I’m also honored to share their beautiful, intimate, and powerful music with you.

You know when you’re feeling that
heaviness of your illnesses and you can’t
put words to those feelings? Then…
you hear that perfect song. That one where
the artists has cracked open their brain and let everything pour out onto the blank pages
in front of them? Then BOOM!!! Finally!
Everything you’ve been feeling makes sense
and you feel at peace as the melody
swirls around your thoughts. The broken
pieces begin to come together as you
connect with the lyrics.

When I started listening to all
these bands/artists that’s what happened
to me. Almost all the band members suffer from mental illnesses/mental health issues.
I hope you’re able to hear that one song
that finally gives you that peace you’ve
been searching for. I hope you finally
find the right words to lift that heaviness.