National Take Back Day was on April 24th. This marked the 20th anniversary of the biannual National Take Back Day in the ten-year history of the Drug Take Back initiative. The next National Take Back Day will be on October 23rd. I had no idea this was a thing? This is a very important thing to take part in even though it’s only 2 days out of the year. This is something that can be done all year long.

All my suicide attempts have involved overdoses. June will be my one year anniversary for surviving my last suicide attempt. I’m very blessed to be alive and to be able to take what I’ve been through and help people. This is still a very sensitive thing for me to look back on, but it MUST BE TALKED ABOUT!!!

There’s a lot of places that actually have medication disposal boxes. CVS, Walgreens, Bartells, even police stations. The Gig Harbor Police Department office has one for example.

This is a part we can play in our loved ones lives and show them we ARE paying attention. We can show our loved ones that they DO MATTER and we take whatever their battling seriously. This act of love may not be met with appreciation immediately, but trust me it ABSOLUTELY won’t go unappreciated.

Here’s links for Drop Box Locator in King and Piece county:

Here’s the link for the FDA Drop Box Locator: